Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rule 2, Do You to the Fullest

Alright I know it's technically still day 10, but I'm going to be busy as hell tomorrow and I doubt I'll have the time, so let's do this right now.

Day 9: The Most Wonderful Thing in the World.
1. Music. Life would suck without it. I have my headphones in most of the day listening to my music. Without music, there would be no dancing, which brings me to...
2. Dance. Would not be living without it. Dance literally saved my life. It keeps me sane, gives me a reason to get fit, it gave me so many new connections and friends, and has made me into a better person.
3. Food. Although I'm giving it up for a greater purpose, I really love food. Cooking food, tasting food, smelling food, looking at food. It's all wonderful to me.
4. Women. Don't get ahead of me now, I don't mean boobs and ass and all that crap. I actually mean women as in the person. I don't know what it is, but I feel really comfortable around them; I feel more like myself. Don't know what it is. Also, I'm not talking about females, I mean women as in mature women who know what's up.
5. Close Friends. They're always there for me, I can tell them anything without feeling judged, persecuted, or worry about them blabbing to other people. I can always call em up to hang out or talk without feeling guilty for bothering them, and I never have a bad time when I'm with them. I can always depend on them to know when I'm feelin like shit and help me through my rough patches. I've got a lot of friends, but I've only got three legit close ones (hopefully more in the future): Henry Guan, Kim Mok, and Alex Susanto. Love you guys, real talk.
6. The Bright Side. Over the past few months I've been becoming more and more of an optimist; always trying to find something good out of everything bad. That gives me hope. That gives me a reason to live.
7. A Great Story. Nothing intrigues me more than a really interesting story, whether from a book or some guy's drunk story. Good shit.
8. Working out. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually really like working out. It's a humongous stress reliever and it's really healthy for me. Can't go more than a week without hitting up the gym at least once.
9. A balance between maturity and silliness. I love people who can have fun but can be mature when the time calls for it. I really hate people who are so mature that the sticks up their butts are touching their brain, and people who aren't mature enough to hold an intelligent conversation without mentioning penises.

There's 9 things that I love. See you soon.


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i'mma bite this.

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