Monday, January 10, 2011

In they Color...

it's 1AM in San Fran and I have no means of getting any food. lol

Day 5: The Way to My Heart

1. Noodles and pasta. Udon, ramen, spaghetti, chow mein, lo mein, pain fried noodles, it's all damn good to me. Never met a noodle I didn't like.

2. Potatoes. Spoken like a real American. I enjoy potatoes in all their forms; I just gotta work out twice as hard when I eat them. Gotta get rid of them carbs ya know.

3. Harold's Fried Chicken. Hands down, best fried chicken I've had. The shop is dirty, grimy, and overall pretty ugly... the best signs of a great place to eat. 9/10 Black people agree.

4. Meatloaf. I never understood why people don't like this. I share this guilty pleasure with my best friend Henry. Nothin we like better than a good loaf.

5. The Shack Stack at the Shake Shack in NYC. It's a regular burger mixed with one of their shroom burgers. What people normally assume is that it's just a buger with mushrooms. You would be very incorrect. The mushroom is crusted and fried with some sort of cheese, so you get a gooey surprise when you bite into the burger. So delicious. Gotta wait like an hour in line to get one though. The Shack is busy.

gah, I'm really hungry now... damn you 10 day you challenge!

There's 6 foods I love. See you tomorrow. Gonna be back in the Chi.


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