Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Put You On Another...

Finally back in the Chi. Missed this place..

Gotta make this a bit quick cause I need to get up in 4 hours for a hip-hop class at U of C. Ooooh shiet nigga. That finna be fun.

Day 4: Papercuts
1. Harry Potter Series. I've recently started reading the entire HP saga again, and I must say it's really interesting. The story really matures as Harry grows up and hits puberty. Good stuff.
2. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Yeah, I know, it's smut; but it's really well written, interesting smut.
3. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Series. Nothing I like more than reading about shit that I will never need to know in my life. Hitler liked Jewish porn? Never know when that information is going to come in handy.
4. Spawn Comic Book Series. Yeah, I read comics, so what? Story is good, pictures are very well drawn, what's not to like?

As you can see, my book choices.... not that mature, but a good reflection of myself I suppose.

There's 4 books I enjoy. See you tomorrow.


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