Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Stop, let Me Take A Mental Shot of this Moment

K – Knowledge

51. The purpose of school:

The purpose of school is not just to learn academics, but really to make friends and, in my case, learn about the world. It's mainly because of school that I grew up the way I did. I made the connections that shaped me into who I am. In early grade school I rolled with the "bad crowd" and I learned a lot from that. In high school I rolled with the smart asians and I got my hard working habits from that. In college I found people that actually helped me learn that people aren't always innately bad, and people who brought me into the world of dance.... of which, whom I owe everything to.

52. Do people refer to you as smart, dumb, or average?

People think I'm smart. School says I'm dumb. I think I'm just me.

53. What was the highest grade you have received (full course mark) ever?

A+ or check mark in kindergarten, I don't know which one ranks higher.

54. What was your last average? This year would you like to maintain it or aim higher?

It was a a low 3. something. If it's not a 4, there is no reason not to aim higher.

55. What do you find the most interesting subject to be (to study or to talk about)?

Biology to talk about, psychology to study.

L – Love

56. Are you currently in love? If not, have you been before?

I am not currently in love. I don't believe I ever have been. Right now, I'm really confused on where I want to be. Part of me wants my ex back. Part of me doesn't. Part of me is just fine being alone and doing me. Part of me misses having a significant other. I guess I don't know what I really want. For now, being me will have to do.

57. Do people around you show you a lot of love (tell you they love you, hug you, kiss you, etc.)?

Let's see.... No one really tells me they love me (which is understandable, love is really strong emotion), people hug me a good amount, used to get kisses, I've never been etc'd before... I don't really know what that is comprised of; not to say I'm not curious though.

58. Is love worth it?

Yeah, I think it really will be.

59. Do you hate it when girls in their young teenage years say they ‘love’ someone that they’ve been dating for a few months?

Yeah, they're fucking idiots. They "love" the feeling of having someone around to validate them. It's not about liking the person, it's about liking the status. Unless you've been with a person for a SIGNIFICANT amount of time, you haven't found love. I think love is something you find in a person after a long time and lots of experiences with them. When you care about each other to the point where you know and trust each other better than you do yourselves.

60. Does it take a lot for you to say you love someone, or is it just a word?

I can say it easy; but to say it and really mean it? It takes a lot.

M – Money

61. Do you believe that money makes the world go round?

No, it really doesn't. Some of the best things in life don't cost money. Sure, money can buy happiness, but all the happiness that money can buy is just temporary. The real joy in life is free.

62. Is your family on the poor side, average, or above average when it comes to money?

Back in my day, my family was very poor (back when my father wasn't in the picture and a bit after). They used to be really rich though. Now.. we're on the low side of middle class at best.

63. Are you saving up for college/university, or planning to?

lol saving. What's there to save? If there wasn't financial aid, I'd be washing cars right now or frying up some Egg Foo Young. Real talk.

64. Would you rather win millions of dollars & be set for life, or find the perfect person to marry & start a family with?

I'd rather find the perfect person. I don't think you're really set for life until you've found that person that sets it for you. That sounds corny. I apologize. But really, money wouldn't make me happy as a soul mate.

65. On a scale of 1-10, how important is money to you?

Low side of 6. Money is just a safety net.

N – Naughty

66. Are you a virgin?


67. What do you think about doing sexual things with someone you’re not going out with?

As long as no one gets hurt, there's no reason I see not to.

68. Do you know anybody you consider a ’slut’? What makes you say that?

Yeahhh, I kinda do. Because her panties drop when she hears words that rhyme with "dick". Haha, well, I guess that's a little exaggerated. She's really not that bad of a person, but her choices in life haven't been exactly saintly.

69. If you could, would you erase some things you did in the past or make it so you did more?

I wouldn't change anything, because everything I did brought me to the path I'm on now, and the path looks pretty bright up ahead.

70. Do you consider yourself more nice or more naughty? You can’t say both!

I'm a nice guy and generally consider myself a gentleman. Doesn't mean I'm going to roll over for any person though. I'll be nice to you as long as you deserve it; if you don't, well, why am I still near you then?

O – Openness

71. How long does it take for you to open up to someone?

Time varies depending on how fast people earn my trust. Henry took about 18 years, Kim and Alex took about half a year.... but really, I'm not much of a closed book. You want to know about me? Just ask.

72. What does it take for you to fully trust someone?

Wouldn't know, I don't fully trust anyone.

73. Are you generally untrusting towards people because of past experiences, or any other reason?

Past experiences and just the way I was raised.

74. When are you comfortable with someone sexually?

When I know them and have at least some sort of attraction towards them. Also when they don't have a penis.

75. When it comes to parents and close friends, what’s the limit of what you can tell them?

I don't tell my parents shit. To my close friends, I can tell them almost anything concerning my past or my feelings (or lack of) for people. I just don't tell them my current medical woes because I don't feel like there's a reason for them to know something that they can't stop.


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