Sunday, January 9, 2011

and They Hate That, They Wanna Paint You.

Pretty good day. Little bit of drama here in SF, guess it can cross borders too. :/

Went to In-N-Out Burger today, overall, it was just aight. Worth it for the price. Wish I knew about their secret menu, everyone makes it sound so delicious. Maybe on Monday.

This morning, Dim Sum with the cousin's wife... that's going to be awkward...

This night, however, is technically....

Day 6: It's a Small World After All.
1. Japan. I took Japanese in high school, and I feel like I should use my knowledge of the Japanese language at SOME point in my life. From what I've seen, I think I'd really like Japan. Tokyo has a huge city vibe, and other places in Kobe and Okinawa have really peaceful and serene areas. Plus I'm a huge fan of Japanese food. :9
2. Los Angeles. More specifically, the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. To me, that's one of, if not the, dance mecca's of the U.S. Lyle Beniga, Keone Madrid, Kyle Hanagami, Mari Martin, and everyone else teach there regularly, if not somewhere in the general area. Also, food scene is very good there from what I hear; very fresh, very healthy, and very flavorful. I'm definitely going to visit LA at one point. Maybe even live there when I'm older.
3. New Zealand and Melbourne. I want to swim in the Great Barrier Reef. So clear, so diverse, so beautiful. Australia is very serene and from what I hear, the people are very nice. Plus, there's a VERY good food scene in Melbourne (starting to see a trend here?)
4. New York City. The city that never sleeps. Perfect for me. I always thought that the Chi was superior to NYC, and while I love Chicago with all my heart, I have to concede to the Big Apple. I have never felt such a pronounced heartbeat from a city before. People just on their grind all day, not stopping for anything. Love it. NYC has the Broadway Dance Center as well as many other famous dance studios. Plus, it's only two hours away from my friends Alex and Christine and the FUNKtion Dance Studio in NJ. Of course, as always, the food is amazing there. :9 the Shack Stack at the Shake Shack... oh... my... god..... hands down, best burger I have ever had.
5. Where the people who are close to my heart are. I'm in San Francisco right now, and don't get me wrong, I'm having a really good time exploring on my own and hanging out with my cousin; but when you're with people you share no real connections with, it's still lonely. I'm a fairly extroverted person, but I have a hard time cracking sarcastic jokes and loosening up when sarcasm doesn't exist in the Chinese language and I'm with people who don't speak english. I'd much rather be with the people I love.
6. Las Vegas. Sin City. 'nuff said.

There's 6 places I want to go. See you tomorrow.


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