Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Perfect Woman.

I just spent about 3 hours talking with my good friends Kim, Marz, Robin, Marcus, and Darren about what their perfect girl/guy would be, and it really got me thinking.

Here's mine:

1. Pretty face. Not saying she has to be beautiful, but looks matter to me. Not saying this is a gamebreaker/maker, it's still about personality.
2. Nice midrift. Some guys are for the ass, some guys are for the tits. I'm neither. I mean, I do like a girl who has some curves, but what really attracts me is a fit girl with some nice abs. Get to them crunches ladies. I'll do the same ;]
3. Good taste in food and clothes. Moreso food than clothes. I don't want a girl who just eats salad all the time. I want a girl who can appreciate a nice juicy burger and who won't judge me for eating one.
4. Can dance. This is a game maker/breaker for me. Not saying you have to be awesome (though it would be a HUGE plus in the pros column) but at least have the drive or interest in dance so you can dance with me. Hip-hop is preferable, but if it's ballet, that's cool too. You can teach me to plie and I can teach you to pop.
5. NOT CHILDISH. One thing I learned from my past relationships with girls (official and unofficial), is that I do not like childish girls. You know, once in a while acting a little cute is always enjoyable, but if you're all about Hello Kitty, and cute little shits, get the eff away from me. I don't want you in my life. Fo' real.
6. Down to Earth. That kinda goes along with number 5. I don't want a girl always in the air. I want a chill girl. Someone who doesn't take life too seriously, but doesn't restrict herself to reality too much.
7. Understands where I came from and accepts me for who I am. Kinda self explanatory. I don't come from a particularly nice background, and the last thing I need is a person who can't accept how that has shaped me. I'm not exactly the most STABLE person, but I like to think I have some structure.
8. Has a sense of humor. I like being the funny guy, but when a girl makes me laugh by some funny or off color joke, that really attracts me. Shows me she knows how to enjoy life, and enjoy words.
9. Butt-stickless. Don't like stuck up women. Touched on that before. Gotta be cool ya know. Know how to talk, know how to be chill, just have fun with life.

So basically those are the main qualities that I'd love in a woman..... but another thing I've realized from my past relationships is that.... none of that really matters. When you find a person that you really like(d), of course she's not going to fit your perfect schema for a girl, but it won't matter. You'll accept them and love them for who they are; just the way they are. So really, I don't have a "perfect woman" because if I can find that someone who I can care about and love, and have them love me in return, that person will be my perfect woman.


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