Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Road to Redemption (Day One)

I am now back in school and starting summer session. During this time,  I've decided to get back in shape in these next two months as I have gym access.  Reading my friend's daily blog (not so daily, but I forgive him) has inspired me to blog about my "Road to Redemption".  Redemption because I was actually somewhat more fit during the beginning of Junior year.... then got into two relationships (one of which actually worked, which is nice) and got two subsequent relationship guts*.

*Relationship gut - the extra weight gained around the midsection when entering a new relationship.  Main causes are a lack of motivation to go to the gym (i.e. got the girl/guy so why work out?) or spending workout time canoodling with the new significant other.

So let's begin :)

Day One: Flabby Weaksauce formerly known as Jeffery Lei.

Weight: 144.5lbs including cargo shorts (the beige one with all the pockets?)
Muscle Definition: None to be found.  Flab over abs (it looks like slightly melted chocolate over nice abs... it's kinda gross..  Arms are not defined anymore.  Shoulders... not too bad... but much worse than before.  Cannot see flexed back muscles anymore.
Food Intake: 
Breakfast:  Nonexistent
Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, one ripe mango.
Dinner: half a cup (uncooked) of white rice, leftovers consisting of 3 pieces of squid, 4 chunks of chinese bbq pork, 2 pieces of sweet and sour pork.  No vegetables in the fridge.
Dessert: Kim's Red Velvet Cupcake (so the frosting doesn't go bad, and... well.. it's delicious..) and a homemade protein bar.

Workout: Tris, Shoulders, Chest
Benching: 10x rep, 10x rep, 8x rep @ 100lbs
Shoulder raises: 3 sets of 10x double raises (both shoulders), and 10x single raises (single shoulders) @ 45lbs each arm.
Dumbbell Military Press: 10x rep, 8x rep, 4x rep @ 25lbs each arm.
Pec flys: 3 sets of 10x rep. @ 90lbs
Skull crushers: 2 sets of 10x rep @ 40lbs
Dips: one set of 10x rep. -40lbs. 
Elliptical: 1.8 miles over 17 minutes at level 7.
2 hours of dancing.

Psych Eval:

Stress Level: Low
Notes:  I find it very hard finding something I want to do.

 It's very demoralizing seeing how much weaker I've gotten over the past few months.  Dropped at least 10 lbs in each exercise and couldn't finish most sets or even my full routine.  Seeing myself in the mirror makes me very unsettled and unhappy; the extra fat (and the shaved head, which I do not regret doing at all) make me very self conscious about how I look.  I feel super rusty when i dance, and am extremely anxious when dancing at the ARC as people who walk by make me very nervous; I hope that goes away soon as I dance more and more.

I enjoy the classes I am in.  Greek Myth is fun for me as I've always loved the topic, though the inconsistency of all the myths I've heard (they are all different) confuses me at times. I do not like that; though, having an attractive and smart-ass TA is really nice.  Anatomy and Physiology is, at the moment, not interesting at all, as I know most of the information from my MCAT studying days.  Speaking of which, I have not started studying yet.. I need to do that soon if not tomorrow.  

Today wasn't as boring as yesterday as I actually got to work out and had stuff to do.  Tomorrow my texts and internet refresh, so I can actually play online games again; not sure how that will affect  me, but hopefully keeping this blog will keep me straight as I can keep reminding myself to not fuck around.

Still miss Kim a helluvalot.  It's only day two of our long distance relationship, so that is expected.  It feels weird not having anyone else in my bed (Henry I know what you're thinking and no, you may not sleep in my bed with me when you come back down).  Talking with her at night before she goes to sleep is something I really look forward to, even though we don't really talk about SUPER interesting things; but it's really nice for me.


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