Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Eight: Slippery Slope

Weight: Didn't check
Muscle Definition: Same
Food Intake:
Approximate Caloric Intake: 0
**Note** no appetite.

Workout: Abs and Legs
6x Set 10x Rep Weighted Squat @ 140lbs
5x Set 20x Rep Decline Sit Up @ 0,5,10,15,20 degrees decline
3x Set 8x Rep Dual Captains Chair
3x Set 20x Rep Wide Torso Rotation @ 65lbs
25x Rep Weighted Roman Twist @ 10lbs
3x Set 10x Rep Leg Extension @ 70lbs
1 mile elliptical @ lvl 7

Psych Eval:
Stress Level: High.

Today.... well.. Today sucked big nuts.  It was just bad news after bad news.  Got my hopes up about so many things... and got crushed on all of them.



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