Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Alright, so I've got a couple of things to talk about tonight.

I just came back from my first "JHAM" (pronounced "jam") session. What's a JAHM session? Glad you asked. A JHAM session is something where me and my friends (Henry, Andrew, and Matt) just congregate and talk about.... let's just say... things that aren't necessarily PG, if ya know what I'm spittin'. Now let's be clear, while some of the topics themselves are considered dirty (not all of them are), the way we have our discussions are anything but. We discuss in a very civilized manner and do not stray into smut talk. I think that this is a very healthy thing to do and everyone should find someone(s) to talk about things of that nature. You'd be surprised at what you'd learn about your friends and definitely be surprised at what you'd learn about yourself. I can't say for those who have been in a relationship, but for those who haven't (like myself....*le sad face*) you kind of assume that you'd know what to do once you're in one; through the session, I found out that I don't really know a lot about it (shouldn't have been surprising), but talking with friends about it definitely helped. I think being able to talk about things like this really helps one mature. Hopefully you guys find your own JHAM Session. If I know you, don't be shy to ask me to be part of it, I wouldn't mind :D

Moving on.... there was something we grazed over during our JHAM session that really got me thinking. I won't go into detail about what we were talking about because anything said during a JHAM session is and will forever be confidential. This wasn't really a topic we were discussing, but something said kinda sparked this in my head....

I'm sure people have noticed that there is a, I guess, double standard between men and women on a plethora of topics. One namely, being gays and lesbians. Lesbians together = hot for men and sometimes hot for women, gays together = not so hot for anyone besides gay men (not saying they shouldn't be together, just saying society doesn't see them in the same attractiveness as lesbians). Why is that?

That also brings me to another topic I just remembered. Yesterday my friend Colin and I got into a discussion about the aesthetics of the human body. That got me thinking too (this happens a lot); personally, I think the female body is a beautiful thing (no I don't mean that in a pervy way) I actually think it's a a beautiful creation. Guy's body on the other hand, again, not so much. Just throwing this out there, for any ladies reading this (I'm counting 3 of you so far haha) do you see this in reverse? Do you think a guy's body is a thing of beauty? Just curious.


I think I'mma start writing some shit that you probably don't care about down here seperated by the line of underscores. These are literally the thoughts that are in my head as I'm finishing this up. Feel free to disregard.

hmmmm... I think I'm going to have to get some new wife beaters, the ones my brother bought me are kinda thin and too big.... showin a little more cleavage than I want to..... also need to lose the rest of my spare tire...

Workout update (biting this from Kim's blog, I don't care this is mainly for me to check and maintain progress):

Today was shoulders and back...
Shoulder Shrugs: 2x 40lb dumbells, 3 sets, 20 reps. may move on to 45 next time. No significant muscle growth yet.
Military Presses: 2x 30lb dumbells, 3 sets, 10 reps. stay here for now, that shit was hard.
Rowing machine: 1 set 90lbs, 2 sets 105lbs. Stay at 105.
Reverse Pec Flys: 3 sets 70lbs, 10 reps. Maybe move to 75.
Deadlifts: 3 sets 50lbs, move to 60.
Swimming: 15 laps (non-consecutive) freestyle. Put your swimming stuff in the wash o.o (gah, shit, I forgot)

(Gah, got sidetracked and played SC2... woo, I won :D ) anyways..

Tomorrow: Abs and Legs
Decline sit-ups: - add 10-20 more sit-ups at 20 degree decline with 15lb weight if possible.
Oblique rotation: move up to 100lbs, maybe 105.
Captains Chairs/Leg Lifts: Stop being a bitch and do 6 sets. (yessir)
Hyper extensions: Do 20 reps for back, stick with 10 for the sides.
Quad stuff: Super set, keep at it.
Calf stuff: move up to 55lbs.
Elliptical: Go for 3+ miles depending on how long the others play racket(raquet?)ball

I finna win, Kim. I thought of a wager for if and when you lose :D tasteful, but still a tad humiliating. bwahahaha.

God damn, I need a girl.


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