Saturday, July 3, 2010

I live for days like these.

Hooooo... that was a fun day.

Today, I got to have dinner and hang out with some really good friends. We went to this upscale but cheap-for-upscale-chinese-food restaurant called Han202. The food was decently priced, and although the portions were small, everything was delicious. I had blue crab wonton soup, a beef and green apple salad (not the healthiest salad out there, but damn delicious), walnut shrimp, rack of lamb with wild rice (even though this was only my second time having lamb, I can easily say it's my favorite meat), and a truffle.

Afterwards we went back to my friend Cindy's house where we played "ninja" with my best friend's little cousins for about an hour or two. Such a simple and child-like game, but it was so fun. I felt like a kid again which is something I haven't felt like in a long, long, long time (although most would say I feel like that most of the time, or at least act the part haha). Then we surprised two of my friends with a cake that my friend Teresa made (she is damn good at baking) and some cards that my friend Eda made that we all signed. We ate the cake and headed outside for some picture taking and just plain goofing off. The girls decided to take an all girls picture, so of course, the guys had to take an all guys picture. However, instead of being lame and standing in a line like the girls did, we decided just to do a bunch of crazy, borderline gay things like carry one another in our arms (on a sidenote, I can easily lift 140 pounds now! Gym for the win mwahahaha), holding up a friend who's standing on our hands cheerleader style (that one scared the shit outta me cause my friend was so wobbly), or letting a girl sit on our shoulders.

What I thought was really great was that even though I hadn't seen most of these people for months (maybe even a year ago) we picked up our friendship instantly. Even those people who I didn't really know, or didn't know at all, treated me like I was their friend for years. It's people like these that I really love. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.

So far, what I've described is a great day to me. What made this particular day amazing was that I actually had time to myself today from about 12:00PM to about 3:00PM, which is extremely rare nowadays because my brother or my mom are (is?) always home and because of that, I don't get to play the music I like loudly and I certainly don't get to dance with the freedom I need. Today, I plugged in my laptop into my flat screen, and just learned choreography without anyone judging me, yelling at me, or just making me feel awkward. It. was. wonderful.

Today was just the epitome of everything I hoped to do during the summer. I ate, I danced, I hung out with friends, I chilled, and I had fun.

What more could anyone ask for?


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