Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Not much has been going on in my life. No thoughts have been flowing through my head. The mind of chaos has become the mind of.... whatever the hell's happening on that episode of "How I Met Your Mother"

This. Is. A. Problem.

Maybe that's why I've been so....down lately. Maybe that's why I can't think of any choreography. Maybe that's why I'm so....fatigued all the time.... I don't know. This shit is not flyin'.... I remember a couple weeks back when I couldn't stop thinking, about ANYTHING. Life seemed so interesting and bright back then. Even on my most boring day, I'd be occupied with the thoughts of girl(s) (don't judge me) or new dances and dance techniques I could learn. Now, everything's just sort of...died down and I can see myself slowly reverting back to my old, pre-college self (who sucks compared to what I became in college.... man that sounded narcissistic). I'm really ashamed to say this but now dance seems more like work, I can't choreograph worth a shit, and that I'm not even thinking about girl(s) (preemptive no I'm not thinking about guys instead). It's just dead up there.

Which is why I'm glad to say I feel things are really going to change (oh shit, a twist?! whaaaat?); all thanks to two things.

One being The LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers). If you haven't heard of them, even if you're not into dance, please check them out on Hulu. Everyone is so talented and are so good at conveying emotion through their movements. It is really amazing, especially Robot Lovestory. Watching their videos is slowly re-invigorating my drive to dance, and I'm REALLY hoping my trip to New York will be the (FIGURATIVE) kick in the gnads I need to really get back deep into dance.

The second being an e-mail I recieved from my friend Don Mach (Remember the guy I was talking about in my summer dance post? Yeah that's him). In it, he wrote a lot about what's going on in his life, and holy shit people, it is very impressive. Just reading about it has got me thinking about the goals in my life and how I can achieve them. Thanks, Don.

Shit is about to get real, son.


Here's a "poem" from Robot Lovestory that really touched me.

Life is not fair.
Sometimes dreams do not come true
Sometimes you're not the hero in the story of your life
and sometimes people die before they are supposed to
Life is not fair....
but fair has nothing to do with who you are inside, what you dream about, who you love, or what you stand for.
Life cannot touch that.
War cannot touch that.
Doctors... dark.... dark.. doctors.. cannot touch that


Workout update:
Today: Abs
Reeeeally shitty workout today. Too many people at the gym in the afternoon.
Decline Sit-ups: Normal
Captains Chairs/Leg Lifts: Moved on to 20 reps. That is good, stay there for now
Hyper Extensions: Normal
Oblique Rotations: Move down to 105. 110 is too much for now.
No cardio because the pool was full.... bahh.


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