Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I think we've got somethin' special. Girl you and me.

Awesome day today! Woke up at 8:30, 8:35, 8:40, 8:45, and 8:50AM (snoozed). Went to the Museum of Science and Industry and met up with my close friend Kim, her sister, her brother and his girlfriend, and her astoundingly cute aunt (not in that way) hahaha. The original plan was for us to see Jim Henson's (creator of the muppets for those of you who don't know) Fantastic World exhibit, but we didn't have the time for it, so instead we saw the Smart Homes exhibit which was just as, if not more amazing.

There have been so many new innovations since the 90's. I am so impressed by how technologically advanced the house was, yet so green. Most of the furniture and appliances were made out of other recycled appliances. The house was technically small, but inside it felt so spacious and comforting! The best part were the large windows which turned out to be doors that opened completely. I know what house I'm going to have when I get rich.. oh yeah. Definitely go see it if you have the time and are in the Chicago area totally worth the 8 dollars.

Second most amazing thing about the museum was something I almost missed. It was a HUGE muppets themed gingerbread house by the ticket counters. Smelled friggin delicious.... :d

Afterwards we all went to this really nice restaurant on 33rd and Halsted called Nana. Small restaurant but everything on menu was organic and sounded so amazing... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I got the smoked turkey pot pie which came with a side of apple mixed green salad (I'm saying mixed green because I dont know what the hell those greens were). It was absolutely delicious.... except for the piece of steel wool I found in my mouth.... yeah... wasn't too fond of it. Didn't bother me too much, but Kim insisted I tell them about it, which I did, and thanks to her, I got a free pot pie!! :D I love eating with friends, stuff like this always happens!!! bahahha.

Finally, I came home, took a three hour nap, watched an episode of Lie to Me because my brother has started watching the series, and learned the S**t Kingz choreography to "Something Special" by Usher, smooth piece, really love it, need to clean the ending.

**Sorry I don't have pictures, forgot to bring my camera back home and my phone can't transfer anything because the SD card is broken :/

Alright, time for some insider thinking :D

I saw this prompt my friend Brian Kung used for one of his notes which read:
"Write about a future you who has learned a lot and has time traveled back to talk to you NOW"

I felt like talking about this.

(to high school jeff)

Yo, tubby.

There's a lot of things I have to tell you, because I'm assuming, I can't stay here long.

One. You need to start dancing NOW. Look up Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, Kyle Hanagami, the S**t Kingz, Mike Song, Anthony Lee, and Keone Madrid on Youtube and learn something, ANYTHING. Look up popping tutorials, look up locking tutorials, and look up breaking/top rocking tutorials. I know you think this stuff looks amazing, and I know you want to do it, but you're just too self-conscious and worried about what other people think. TRUST me, you don't need to give a shit about what they think, it'll only hold you back from being amazing.

Two, be more confident in what you do. Don't be a little bitch cowering behind doubt. If you want to do something, DO IT. If you want something WORK FOR IT. Don't be so dependent upon other people to get you what you want, get it your own damn self. Just don't be stupid about it.

Three, study your ass off in high school. I know I know, school is such a drag and blah blah blah. If you study now, you'll get straight A's, and you'll have a MUCH easier time in college. TRUST me. Just an hour a day at least will be a huge improvement, and I mean actual studying. No watching T.V., and doing homework does not count as studying. I can't tell you not to check facebook, because then we'd be a hypocrite and you know we hate those.

Four, WORK OUT. I know you hate being the fat kid in school. Start working out at home with push-ups, crunches, squats and shit. When you get your license, look up LA Fitness. It's right on Canal Street (also learn street names), and start going there. Mom will pay for it, she's tired of you being a fatass too. Also, DIET, stop eating all that high octane shit. It ain't good for you, and it'll hinder your slimmage.

Five, do not chase Cindy. You'll end up in multiple heartbreaks and she is not the girl for you. Which leads me to...

Six, I know you want to go to Northwestern University. Don't. Go to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Join the Asian American Association and do their fashion show, and if you followed number one, you'll already want to. You'll meet the coolest people you've ever met, and form the closest relationships you've ever had, and you'll meet your first girlfriend there. She's beautiful and she's an amazing dancer ^^. Plus the education ain't half bad :]

Seven, your only real friends in High School are Henry, Matt Yau, basically the grade above you, and Colin Rouser. Everyone else is fake as hell. Don't mess with them.

Hope you wrote this shit down, homie.

Will learn the second dance tomorrow :]


LM.KM.OB said...

"Everyone else is fake as hell."

probably the best part of this entire post.

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