Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to get my shit straight.

Alright, so lately I've been slacking in just about everything.

I've been kinda "meh" about school now, and like, I've lost sight of my goals in life. I'm sleeping at like 4AM for no reason and because of that, I think it's okay that I'm sleeping in my classes; because "I can't help it, I didn't have a good nights sleep *snooore*". Freaking obvious, retard, you went to bed at 4AM because you HAD to play tetris. Dumbass...

I've also been slacking off on going at the gym. I can barely see my abs anymore, which are now MUCH more flabby than before. While I know I can't go to the gym everyday, I should have stuck with my 3-day a week schedule. I didn't keep up with jack shiet. This also kind of ties into my sleeping thing because I nap like 2 hours a day to catch up on sleep. 2 hours in which I could have worked out and got healthier.

My attitude towards school and academics is also starting to waver, which is so detrimental to my studies. No one is going to study properly if they think that what they're studying is boring; it's just not going to happen. You're always going to think of something else you'd rather be doing. So obviously, I've fallen way behind in all my classes. Even when I have time to catch up, I usually end up playing Starcraft or some other shit that won't help me in the future.

I'd feel better if I spent this time dancing, but even that something I love doing, I've been slacking in. Nowadays the only times I get to dance are at the weekly Dance2XS clinics, or at Fashion Show practices, which honestly, are more like work than anything. I've gotten SO SLOPPY and I have no excuse for this.

The only thing that comes out of this is me feeling guilty and like a piece of shit because I can't get anything done.

This is unacceptable.

My friend Don recently told me "If you want to, you can" and I feel like such a hypocrite because I've been preaching this line to people for a while now and can't follow through with it myself.

I want to be interested in my studies, I want to be stronger and fit, and GOD DAMMIT I want to improve my dancing ability.

From now on, I sleep at a REASONABLE hour, at LEAST 7-8 hours of sleep.

From now on, I get my academic shit done IN ADVANCE. No more waiting until 3 hours before the shit is due. No more all-nighters, and if I follow the former, that shouldn't be an issue.

From now on, I go to the gym on Tuesdays right after my lab, for at least 1 and a half hours, with at least 30 minutes cardio or at least 3 miles completed; whichever comes later. I'm going to be ripped by next fall.

Finally, from now on, I start dancing and choreographing more than one day a week. I'll spend at least 30 minutes every other day learning or refining choreography.

It's time I take control of my life.


Sgt. Squirrel said...

I will support thee. I'm going to start sleeping at midnight and get my notes done in advance for classes. After classes, I'll review what I learned. I'll put in more physical activity and exercise in my schedule too. Let's get it, boy!

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