Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If I Die Before I Wake I Pray to Lord My Soul to Take

"You're not someone's whole world. Sometimes no one gives a shit about you and that hurts. The pain is too much sometimes but ask yourself if dying fixes the problem. I can tell you it doesn't. YB, the past is the only thing that is painful, the present is just a neutral fulcrum for the future. And YOU make the future what it is.  So if you feel pain over something in the past, you have the present to make a change for the future. And everyone has the power to do that, Feel me?"

This was a comment posted on the video above.

When I read it, I couldn't believe how real this was. It's so completely right. No one can be anyone's whole world. You can't be the center of their universe. That's just selfish thinking. Sometimes the person who you care for doesn't give a shit about you; and yeah, that does hurt (a lot), but, what can you do about it? Try and force them to care about you? Life doesn't work that way, it never will. It's just learning that lesson and accepting it that will make a person strong.


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