Monday, June 21, 2010

Time to twerk. Awww yeah.

Here are the pieces of choreography I hope I can learn over the summer:

1. Will.I.Am - Heartbreaker - Meredith "Sevin" Kerr

I don't know what drew me into this one.. maybe Meredith's smile. That thing is gorgeous :O anyways, it's fairly short and simple. Plus I think the song is catchy xD. I've basically learned it already, just need some polishing.

**JUST KIDDING** Crap I just realized she was doing this in a mirror (shut up I know I'm slow) well, gotta reverse everything I know now... daag.

2. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me - Kyle Hanagami & Nick DeMoura

Honestly, didn't like this when I first saw it, but it REALLY grew on me. Watched it like 800 times on the way to China. Seems pretty chill. Also seems easy but experience tells me that this'll be hard (that's what she said) D:

3. Girlicious -Like Me - Erik Saradpon

One of my favorite pieces. Didn't know about it until my friend Robin demonstrated it (well, half of it) to me one day. I thought it was so hot and wanted to learn it ever since. My best friend Henry learned it when i was in China and took me through the steps on my birthday (the high of what was basically the worst birthday I have ever experienced, but I digress) and I just finished polishing it about 30 minutes ago. It's a really fun piece. Also the girl in the front is haWt with a capital W. Chyeah.

**Disclaimer: Pull your boxers up boys (and girls?). That spread eagle move (0:11-0:13) will tear yo' shiet. Trust me.

4. Juelz Santana - Mic Check - Lyle Beniga

The God himself. I don't know how this man comes up with these moves, but I do know one thing; I want to have his babies. Real talk. It just overflows with swag and attitude, plus I really like Juelz Santana (where did he go?)

5. LMFAO - Yes - Don Mach

This is probably the most fun piece of choreography I've ever seen. Well, I guess when you're working with a song about pancakes and Oprah, it's hard not to create something fun. I've already learned most of this piece from the man himself (check him out, I think he's going to be big) I just need to polish it and make my moves more confident and whatnot.

6. Wale - Nike Boots - Lyle Beniga

I encountered this in high school and just completely forgot about it. It is an amazing piece and again, lots of swag, which is always nice.

7. NLT - Let Me Know - Lyle Beniga

Probably my favorite piece of choreography ever. Even after watching it thousands of times, I still go "hoooly shit" when the video is over. This might be the hardest one out of the list. I've tried learning some of it, and wow, it is so intricate; each move has so many components it's hard (well, for me) to keep track of them. The electric boogaloo at the end is just too hot. Dag.


Honestly, at the rate I'm going, I probably won't be able to learn and perfect all of these; but I don't really expect to. Not to say I'm not going to really hard to complete the list, but I'm a (somewhat) busy boy with little to no privacy/space at home (not to mention I'm ADD with things like this), so I do what I can when I can. I hope you guys learn some of these too, maybe we'll get to do them together one day. Wouldn't that be fun?

Also, I have to think up of some choreography for the UIUC Annual Asian American Association Fashion Show's Business/Casual Scene. Reeeally nervous about that position... eesh. Hope I make my predecessors proud.

Ebonics Word of the Post:
Real Talk - the truth; truthfully; without bullshit
Ex. "Real talk, her ass is so big you can see it from the front."


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