Thursday, June 17, 2010

Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear

So I have a good amount to talk about today. Lotta deception goin' on in my life.

Today, was my grand return to the back of the literal wheel in which I found out that I REALLY SUCK AT DRIVING. I mean, I've never *knock on wood* gotten into an accident as of yet (thank the Gods for that too 'cause I'm not insured.. shhhhhh) but really, I think that's just because I've been lucky. Basically, I was driving my mom to work today, and had to take a small detour onto a "street" I've never driven on before. At first I thought "Damn this is a wide ass street, where the hell are the markings?" in which my brother yelled "DUDE, GET OFF THE SIDEWALK! WHAT THE FUDGESICLE (he didn't say fudgesicle) ARE YOU DOING?!". In my defense, the "sidewalk" did not look like a sidewalk at all, kinda looked like a small lot.... which turned into a sidewalk after a few yards... Yeah... I was decieved by the concrete and it's non-sidewalk-esque shape. Too bad no one was walking on said "sidewalk"; if there were, I probably wouldn't have driven over half of it.. eesh.

**Sidenote: No damage to the car 'cause, again, the sidewalk wasn't really a sidewalk.

After that ordeal, me, my brother, and his friend Steve went to Al's beef for lunch because we saw a Man vs. Food episode featuring it. For those not in the know, Al's beef is the home of the number one italian beef sandwich (allegedly) in Chicago. Anyways, on that particular episode, Adam Richman (the host) took one bite of this sandwich and basically had six orgasms, thus sparking my desire to have said sandwich shoved in my mouth. While the sandwich was very good, it was not worth the price (8 bucks?! For that?! SERIOUSLY?!) and it was hardly good enough for me to make a mess in my boxers. I suppose it was my naïvete that made me think that it would actually be that good, but needless to say, I was a tad disappointed to find out that the travel channel faked it :/

**Afterthoughts: This paragraph was needlessly sexual. I apologize.... kinda.

Alright, here's the event of this particular day. After a trip to the gym, I watched a documentary/interview/movie called "Collapse" (I highly encourage you to watch this movie) which was basically about how freakin' screwed our civilization is due to our greed, our government, and our lack of balance with nature. This movie really shook me and opened my eyes. The interviewee, Michael Ruppert, gave extensive evidence on why our economy is in the shithole, how he saw it coming, and how modern civilization is thoroughly fudgesicled. The movie also goes into government cover-ups, which I always suspected the government of doing, but I never knew the magnitude of the crap the government, OUR GOVERNMENT, did. Of course, you can't really take everything at face value (this movie definitely teaches you this), but damn, he made a really good argument. Kinda shows how you really can't trust anything or anyone but yourself.

**Afterthoughts: Seriously, watch the friggin movie.


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