Sunday, September 26, 2010


the crazy midterm exams are over, and now I actually have time to post something.

The past two weeks have been crazy. It's just been one big blur of dancing and studying...

A week ago, dance practices for AAA fashion show started, and I realized that I really like passing on my knowledge of dance to people. I've never seen myself as a leader before, but I don't know, when I'm up in the front of the room teaching my choreography (or even just leading stretch) it feels... right..

Speaking of dance, this week was chocked full of it. One of the campus' dancing legends, Don Mach, has taken me and my friend Robin under his wing and has started training us..... at 7AM.. every morning.... not too fond of watching the sun-rise but it's something nice to wake up to :]

I've learned so much this past week through training alone, and I can feel myself growing each and every day. Slowly, but surely, I'm breaking out of the shell that I've been encompassed in for 18 years and soon, I hope I can smash my body onto the dance floor (figuratively) and show the world who I really am.

Tonight, I watched the best dance set I have ever seen in my life performed by Dance 2XS UIUC... the passion and emotion I saw on stage completely blew me away. After watching it, all I could say for the next hour was "Oh my GOD"... it was that good.

This week has made me re-evaluate my life in better terms.... Like, even though I'm spending most of my time studying, I realize that I'm genuinely interested in what I'm learning. Even though I don't have a girlfriend yet (yes, that does matter to me), I'm spending basically all of everyday with the girl I like, and really, that's all that should matter (though, not to say I wouldn't want a girlfriend anyways xD); whether we are a couple or not. Even though my health is slowly deteriorating (don't ask me why or how, I'm not going to tell you), I'm living each day to what I think is its rational fullest. If I were to die tomorrow, I would have no regrets. Most importantly though, I've realized that in this moment in my life, I am truly happy; something I haven't been in a long... long time.

I guess I can take off one of my wish bracelets now. :]


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